6 Reasons you should be taking Supplements

1. Our food source just isn’t as whole as it once was! It is much harder to reach our daily requirements of certain nutrients.

2. It’s a natural way to boost your immune system & receive anti-oxidants we can’t always depend on in our food.

3. Feed your muscles! Training increases nutrient needs. You work hard at the gym, so give your body what it needs and deserves without over-eating.

4. As we age, our ability to absorb nutrients from food decreases.

5. Improper farming practices results in plants not receiving enough nutrients to support human health. Fruits & Vegetables are grown to increase sugar content, making them high in fructose and low in key nutrients.

6. When asked about the importance of Nutritional Supplements, Forme Fitness Trainer Bruce Waithe states, “It’s all part of the equation, you can’t achieve your fitness goals without it”.