FORME Fitness BioSteel Shake Program

One of the programs we run at FORME Fitness, to enhance your results, is our performance shake program. What is that you may ask yourself ? Well, let us tell you.

At FORME, we believe that proper nutrition is at the core of all success. If you are not fuelling your body optimally, pre, intra and post workout, you will not achieve your maximum results. This is where the performance shake program comes in.

The premise behind this program is incorporating a BioSteel amino acid drink, prior to your workout AND during the workout.

Once you’re done training, you receive a BioSteel Whey or Vegan Protein shake to start the healing process, in order to maximize results. If your intolerant to whey, you may also opt to swap your post workout shake for ATP amino acids or glutamine instead.

There’s a window of opportunity right after your workout, so it’s important to refuel and provide your muscles with the nutritional building blocks to reap the rewards.

Why BioSteel?

This brand provides a gluten free protein source, that is readily available to the body. It contains all of the essential amino acids, which are crucial in regards to muscle formation and aspects of a healthy body.

In one serving, you receive 24g of protein and only 1mg of carbohydrates. This makes it perfect for those of you involved in our Rapid Transformation Challenge, or those of you who follow a paleo diet.

Already using our shake program? What are your thoughts?

Haven’t tried it and have questions? Please feel free to ask.