The Smits Brothers are two of North America’s most sought after personal trainers and highly recognized leaders in Health and Fitness. In 2005, Chris and Marty opened Smits Brothers, a private Toronto, Riverside one-on-one training facility where they established a reputation for optimizing results for celebrities, business executives, professional athletes, and fitness enthusiasts across North America.

The Smits Brothers are now proud to offer you FORME Fitness, delivering the highest quality nutrition, lifestyle, and coaching-based programs – all designed to get YOU the superior results YOU seek.



We believe “form” is of utmost importance. It’s why FORME Fitness focuses on form and technique first so as to help YOU achieve maximum results and to avoid unnecessary injury or strain. FORME’s coaches (led by the Smits Brothers) have better and independent training certification. Even small group classes benefit from being coach-led and controlled and from functional training. All training is customized to result in superior improvements reflecting YOUR body’s abilities to progress and YOUR individual challenges