Breaking Bad Eating Habits- How do we do it?



You’ve already dedicated yourself to a life of fitness, so it’s time to break those bad eating habits! You see the problem… but how do you start to break that habit that you’ve had years to form?

1. Forme Fitness Trainer, Brit McQuarrie’s advice is to “crowd out!”.  This means, don’t stop cold turkey. Focusing on a major goal of eating “perfectly” isn’t realistic, and could easily overwhelm you. Work in a step-by-step mindset. For example: If you know you drink too much soda, and not enough water, start to drink a glass of water before every meal and leave out that additional soda you would have had. Start to “Crowd out” those sodas with water. Eventually these changes can become bigger and more significant and you can grasp onto NEW habits.

2. Set yourself up to succeed. There is nothing worse than sabotaging yourself, so be aware of hanging out with toxic people. Call up your healthier friends who have the same goals and spend some extra time with them.

3. Forgive yourself. That feeling of guilt in the morning after eating that piece of cake the night before can ruin your day. Yes, it was definitely a poor choice, but being angry with yourself won’t get you anywhere. Address how poorly you feel, and remember that feeling. Use this situation as a reminder for the next time you’re presented with an option like chocolate cake. Forgiving yourself is very important. Training hard and eating right shouldn’t be done out of guilt. It needs to be done out of love for yourself!

4. Allow yourself to be rewarded. A full week of not giving into cravings and bad habits can feel like a huge victory, and it is! The last thing you want is to be completely run down and feeling desperate. It can make continuing on this journey feel  more and more impossible. So, for example, when Saturday comes around let yourself look forward to a couple glasses of wine with your friends. Or, whatever small treat will refresh you and leave you ready for another week of improving your lifestyle.

5. Some people struggle to eat right because they feel like they don’t have the time or cooking skills required to make the right food. They’re wrong! There are so many resources out there. Surf the web for blogs/cooking websites/Instagram accounts, etc… for healthy recipes and study up! Take some time on whichever day is easiest for you and prep some quick bites ahead of time.  Example: Chop up celery sticks and spread with almond butter for a grab and go pick me up. Keep almond or your favourite nuts in the cupboard for when you need something to last you until your next meal. Buy natural peanut butter butter instead of a sugary peanut butter. Like mentioned before, set yourself up to succeed. You just need to take some time to study your options, and there are always options!