Feature FORME Member: Macy

Meet Macy, two time Forme Challenge competitor, wife, mother, and accomplished financial advisor, who says that Forme completely changed her life, her work ethic, her perspective and her health. Here’s how:

Improved focus and productivity
“The Forme Challenge really helped improve my ability to focus at work and increased my productivity more than I ever thought possible. I do so much more in a day than I ever thought I could.”

Becoming a morning person
“I now have the ability to wake up earlier than I ever thought, and I wake up excited to drive across town to Forme, even though there are many other gyms much closer to my home…”

Being a good example
“My kids are proud to say that they have the strongest mom in their school, and that feels awesome. I know I am teaching them how important it is to make time every day to exercise and to stay healthy.”

Building lean muscle
“I’m leaner than I was in my 20s! I find the meal plan incredibly easy to stick to (even while on vacation), and have been eating low carb with a weekly cheat since September 2016. That’s hardly a fad diet and is truly a lifestyle change.

Weight is just a number
“I never worry about the number on the scale like I did when I was younger. My clothing is loose and I know that having more muscle is important to keep my metabolism speedy. I also love hovering 120-123 without much effort.”

PMS symptoms, disappeared
“My PMS symptoms are now nonexistent. This is remarkable after having two kids and is 100% related to the workouts and meal plan.”

Building confidence and developing a love for shopping
“Wearing a bathing suit is no longer ever stressful and shopping for new clothes is so easy and fun – although I’d rather wear old, now-loose clothing and spend my money on the gym…”

Exhibiting discipline
“My clients are so impressed that I have such discipline with my workouts. This gives them confidence that I have a similar discipline when it comes to managing their money. Who would have thought!?”

Getting leaner and stronger with age
My husband is happy that the woman he married is getting leaner and stronger with age.”

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