Once Adrian committed to participating in the Forme Challenge, her husband and herself came up with a schedule that would both allow them to dedicate time to their workouts while still taking care of their two children. That commitment to herself allowed her to truly focus and make her health a priority. Adrian lost 20 pounds of fat in just 8 weeks. Here’s her incredible transformation story:





How did you hear about Forme?

My husband. He participated in a previous Forme Challenge, I saw his results and was inspired to join.


What motivated you to participate in the Forme Transformation Challenge?

Post baby. I really needed to regain some strength. Exercise also helps me mentally as well as physically so I wanted to engage in that as soon as possible.

What was the toughest part of the challenge?

Consistency with food and making it a routine as well as changing my habits.

What kept you going?

The people at Forme, from the team to the members, it’s a wonderful community!

How did the challenge Transform you?

It helped me regain confidence including in my physical abilities. It also helped me feel more like myself, post baby.

If you had a piece of advice to give someone who might be wanting to transform their lives, what would it be?

Starting is the hardest. Just start and take it each day at a time.

A big congrats to our co-champion Adrian, you did so well!

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