FORME Superstar: Damian’s Story

Damian needed a fresh start. What began as an outlet for dealing with life’s toughest struggles, the Forme challenge ended up transforming his entire perspective on life. Damian lost an impressive 36 pounds in just 8 weeks while gaining 11 pounds of muscle! Here’s his incredibly inspiring success story:



42 years young

Father and Entrepreneur. 

How did you hear about Forme?

I’ve known Marty and Chris for ages.

What motivated you to participate in the Forme Transformation Challenge?

I entered the challenge with my partner in time, Lindsay. Having recently lost my father, we needed a positive outlet for ourselves. Other than chasing after our two growing monkeys, we haven’t led an active lifestyle for ages. This was the catalyst of something great. Our intention was to focus our minds and rejuvenate our bodies. 


What was the toughest part of the challenge?

The first week of the challenge was definitely an eye opener to how out of shape I was. Initially, it took its toll on my body. It was only after six or seven workouts that I started to loosen/warm up. Until then I literally had to climb stairs sideways, had a difficult time dressing and basically gave up on picking up anything that I dropped! 

What kept you going?

The people in my life and my new found friends at Forme. Performing in the challenge alongside Lindsay was huge. We drove and supported each other, as did all the members of the gym. The team and community at Forme is so accepting, encouraging and motivating. Turns out, the competitive aspect didn’t hurt either!

How did the challenge Transform you?

From top to toe, inside and out! Within the first ten days my mood and energy were noticeably elevated. Now, even more so. This has spilled over into all aspects of my life. My confidence, focus and drive have all been boosted. I truly feel energized. In fact, my overall outlook on life is now far more positive. I know my father would be so proud.

If you had a piece of advice to give someone who might be wanting to transform their lives, what would it be?

Stop reading this and sign up for the next challenge. Seriously. The hardest and biggest step is committing. This is by far the best thing Lindsay and I have done for ourselves in over a decade.

Congrats, Damian, the entire Forme family is so proud of you!

Want to #transForme your life like Damian? Our next challenge starts on January 12th, e-mail us at to sign up. Limited space available, sign up now!