There are always those awesome members who work extra hard and encourage everyone around them… that’s Jacqueline. She committed to the challenge even though she had to travel for a good chunk of it. She stayed on track! So much so, in just under 8 weeks, Jacqueline dropped more than 17 pounds of fat and 10% body fat. Dedication + no excuses = incredible results.

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Director, Event Operations The Traveller Inc.

How did you hear about FORME?

I live next door at 90 Broadview!

What motivated you to participate in the FORME Transformation Challenge?
I travel a ton for work, and gained a lot of weight as a result (15 lbs). I knew the only way I would lose it was if I joined the Challenge and committed to Chris and Marty on following the plan. The Challenge provides an amazing level of accountability.

What was the toughest part of the challenge?

Traveling 3 weeks out of the 8. Keeping up with the workouts on the road, and not drinking wine!

What kept you going?

The accountability aspect. I didn’t want to let down myself – Chris, Marty, Brit or Bruce. As well, the fierce competition. Everyone in this Challenge was a competitor! I wanted to win despite having to travel. It gave me an additional Challenge that I wanted to kill!

How did the challenge Transform you?

I feel like a million bucks. I look good in my clothes. The diet totally changed how I feel and gives me more energy on the daily. I never want to feel tired, bloated and unmotivated. This challenge has provided the impetus for my next goal. I want to lose  an additional 3% more body fat.

If you had a piece of advice to give someone who might be wanting to transform their life, what would it be?

It works. The diet, coupled with the workouts will completely change your body and your life. In 8 weeks, you will see results! Follow the plan and you win. It’s that simple, if you are ready for it! Also FORME is the most AMAZING community of like-minded, motivated, inspiring individuals  – the support network is one of kind. Bruce and Brit. Love them. Chris and Marty. Good Cop/Bad Cop, never let me quit.