Sport Performance Program



  “For elite athletes there is no off-season.”

With over 20 years experience working with elite & professional athletes, FORME’s team of expert coaches have developed a sports performance training program designed for maximizing athletic development and minimizing potential injuries.  

What You Get:

The Training

• Comprehensive individual assessments and performance testing to ensure that each individual’s development is maximized.

• Every aspect of the training program will correlate to the next, whether it is on the field (speed, acceleration & deceleration, agility & quickness) or in the weight room.

• The utilization of fundamental movement patterns and basic lifts are key features at all levels of strength programming.

• State-of- the-art training facility


Recovery & Regeneration

• Constant communication with the staff at Athlete’s Care enables us to provide athletes with access to specific treatments if needed.

• Each athlete will learn how to best optimize their rest and recovery following training sessions and competition (foam rolling, mobility, hydrotherapy etc.) to ensure their body is prepared for the next day.

Nutrition & Supplementation

• Athletes will learn to optimally replenish their body following each training session.

• All athletes are educated in proper preparation for each day during the competitive season and the “off” season.

• Team food demos and nutrition seminars are available with Wellness Chef Andrew Muto and Holistic Nutritionist Sylvie Tetrault for an additional fee.

• BioPrint Testing is given upon request for additional fee. BioPrint is a comprehensive body composition test used to determine Body Fat %, Lean Muscle Mass and Supplementation Protocol. *Not recommended for Athletes under the age of 18*

• Individual meetings with Holistic Nutritionist Sylvie Tetrault are given upon request for an additional fee.

• Biosteel Pre & Post workout shakes are offer for an additional fee.


Mindset & Performance

An athlete’s mindset is often one of the most overlooked aspects of training and performance. With in-house seminars and individual meetings (upon request & additional fee) our team will ensure that each athlete is educated on and committed to the right daily habits.

We will help each athlete understand:

Specific Demands

Balancing competitive sport, schooling, and family life, and how to optimize performance in these environments.

Attention Control and Concentration

Show athletes how to manage the perceptions, opinions, outcomes, and pressures around them while focusing on the process that leads to success.

Real-Life Experiences of Past Athletes

Seminars with University level and Professional athletes will allow athletes to receive firsthand information of what it is like to experience sport and life at the highest level.


Memberships are based on the number of sessions committed to per week. Athletes will be placed into semi-private training groups (maximum of 8 athletes per training group with 2 coaches). Team Training memberships are based on a per session basis.

Individual Athletes:

1 session per week $70
2 sessions per week $65 / session
3 sessions per week $60 / session
Private Sessions $100 / session


10 athletes or less $300 / session
11 – 15 $350 / session
15+ $400 / session

* Complimentary assessment & performance testing with the purchase of 24 sessions or more (individuals only)
* Team performance testing will be given upon request for an additional fee. 

Training Times & Session Duration

Individual Athletes:

Tuesdays & Thursdays 4:30pm & 6:30pm
Saturdays 1:00pm


Scheduled around the availability of the team

* All sessions will run approximately 60 minutes for Individuals and 75 minutes for Teams

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