Welcoming Katherine Genge to our FORME Coaching Team!

If you’ve been coming to FORME Fitness over the last year, you’ve either spoken to Katherine to sign up, been greeted by her at front desk or even worked out with her in our small group classes or semi-private sessions.
Katherine has been an instrumental part of our admin team and now, she’s kicking it up a notch and joining us as a Certified Personal Trainer on the FORME Floor!
Get to know the youngest and sweetest member of our FORME Family:

Katherine, tell us a little bit about yourself…

I am an actress who is obsessed with Peanut Butter, Steve Martin, Kristen Wiig and Burpees!

How did you get started at FORME?

I moved to Toronto exactly a year ago from San Francisco (where I left my heart), to continue my acting career and was looking for a job I would feel passionate about. I have always been enthusiastic about fitness and figured a badass gym like FORME Fitness would be a great setting! I went through rigorous towel folding & bottle shaking training and got the job! *victory leap*

We’ve seen you at FORME with your beautiful smile behind the front desk and in class; what inspired you to get certified as a Personal Trainer?

Awe so nice! Well, I have always been active. I come from a family of runners! So, very quickly and at a young age, running became part of my everyday routine. After being able to join classes at FORME Fitness, I started to see unbelievable results. I was blown away by how much you can achieve in these high intensity bursts of work! After a few months of working out consistently at FORME, I went home feeling so capable and strong! I kept impressing myself and that is an extraordinary feeling. Chris casually mentioned one morning the idea of me eventually becoming a trainer… and I was like “Ummmm YAASSSSS”. Pretty quickly, the actress in me wanted to be in charge, encourage and help people get through these hard workouts. The music, cheering and wave of endorphins gets me so excited. I love it.

What should people expect when taking your classes or training with you?

To have FUN! I don’t want people coming into classes nervous or dreading it. Yes, it will be hard, it should be hard, but I want people to feel amazing about themselves. I want people to leave class thinking “Wow! I didn’t know I could do that”. This isn’t about comparing yourself to others, It’s all about creating a better version of YOU, no matter what level you’re at. Anybody working out with me should know that we’re in this together!

Your favourite food?

Well, Peanut Butter of course! BUT, I love all food. It pains me to only choose one favorite. Let’s all take a moment to appreciate ribs, sweet potato fries and lasagna.